Arrange Marriage vs Love Marriage
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Marriage is a social structure of great importance. Each individual needs to fit perfectly, but the parameters for selecting a partner vary. In a love marriage, people fall in love with each other and tend to marry while in arrange marriage partners are selected by the family members, relatives. Your parents have begun to provide discreet clues that you will soon get married. They tell your uncle or aunt knows just half a joke that anyone will be right for you. “Maybe before you say ‘no,’ you can just see him once.”

Many young modern people of the present generation are not attracted by arranged marriages. Critics of arranged marriage would argue that the couple’s feelings for each other are not given adequate consideration in such marriages. In favor of realistic considerations, emotional and physical conformity are ignored.  Another thing is that in arrange marriages people barely know each other, hardly understand each other’s feelings, values, and norms.

On the surface, love marriage seems perfect. We find our soul mates, get married, and live happily ever after. It has its proportion of strains, often increased by our obligation for choosing a partner. If it doesn’t succeed, we have to blame neither our parents nor any others because we choose that partner. On the other hand, love marriage enables us to choose our partner openly and find someone to whom we are mentally, affectively, and physically drawn. We will build and create our happiness on our terms with them. Even if we know our partners well before marriage, marrying and living together are completely different experiences that can have their ups and downs; it’s up to us how we live in it.

Worried about choosing your partner? Well, Panchey Baaja Nepal’s online matrimonial app is here to help you all out. This app enables you to find your perfect match according to your preferences. Now, if you favor love marriage over arrange marriage, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to find your suitable soul mate. However, if you come from a strict background, then you can cunningly show the profile of your match to your parents so that it becomes a form of arrange marriage. Tricking your way up to your parents, however, with the hint of your own choice of life partner.



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